Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's The Little Victories

Payday is tomorrow so my paycheck will be direct deposited sometime in the early hours of the morning which means today I got to chuck some more money at my debt. I checked my bank account to see what I had left from my last paycheck and I had just over a thousand dollars in there! A THOUSAND DOLLARS! THANK YOU OVERTIME!! All of it went straight to the student loans with about $90-ish being destined for outstanding interest, but that still means I have a bit over $900 less in debt principal!! Hitting "submit" on a payment of one thousand dollars towards my debt snowball was one of the best feelings on this journey to debt freedom so far. I am getting so very close to knocking out my smallest student loan which will now only have around $5,000 left when this payment clears. I'm just beyond ecstatic right now. Srsly.

Starting Debt: $50,000
Current Debt: $47,443

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