Thursday, November 17, 2016

Payday Is My Fave Day

Yesterday was payday, so that meant I got to throw some more money at my debt! I have an odd way of budgeting which involves keeping a month-long budget in a Google spreadsheet so that I can access it from my phone on the Google Sheets app or anywhere with internet. That's relatively normal for budgeting, but I also keep track of my budget in a two-week format since I get paid bi-weekly. I find that I feel more gratification making two payments to my debt a month rather than one large one at the end. So on payday I see what's left from my previous paycheck and put that money towards my debts. I do, however, make sure that the new paycheck is enough to cover my upcoming bills and expenses before doing this. I track the bills that are coming up on a calendar which has my paydays marked, the dates of normal bill due dates and some of the amounts that will be due if it's a bill that doesn't vary. The budget sheets and my calendar are all kept in a budget binder that I have. I discovered a YouTuber who runs a channel called "Our Life... On A Budget" and she has an awesome video explaining her budget binder along with links on where to find the free printables she used to create her binder. That is what my binder is based off of and you can find her 2016 Budget Binder video here:

Our 2016 Budget Binder

I think the binder works pretty well, although it is only my first month using it. We shall see how the upcoming months go using the binder and how well my odd budgeting goes.

Starting Debt: $50,000
Current Debt: $48,355

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