Sunday, November 27, 2016

Reviewing November's Budget

The end of November is only a few short days away, so I've used part of my Sunday to look through this month's budget and see how I did and where I need to adjust.

I managed to stay on budget or even better than budget in most categories, but there were a couple that I ended up spending too much. Since I traveled home for my Sister's baby shower (a five-hour drive each way), I went over on my gas budget. I also went a tad over on my pet budget. I started with a budget of $25 which is enough to buy Lee's cat food each month (the boyfriend is in charge of buying litter so I don't worry about that), but I managed to find some of his favorite toys at the Dollar Tree and had to stock up because they are hard to find.

After my first solid month of budgeting, I found I can cut my grocery allotment in half. I budgeted $200 for the month for only myself since Dillon buys his own groceries. I managed to only spend about $112 of that so I'm sure cutting to $100 wouldn't be difficult at all. I also realized I can cut more of my budget by cancelling my HBO Now account. I subscribed to be able to watch the last Game of Thrones season when it was airing, but then I never cancelled it once the season ended and never watched anything else through the service. So I dropped my subscription for now and I can sign back up once the next season starts airing. It only saves me $15 a month, but every dollar counts, right?

I needed to add a new category recently because I wanted to start stockpiling foods to donate to next year's Fill The Dome. Fill The Dome is a youth-led food drive where spaces are marked off on the Fargodome floor and schools from around the Fargo-Moorhead area are given a space to bring in their donations. Each school tried to collect enough food products to lay out on the floor and fill up their entire space. There's one space marked off, called the "Community" space, for donations to be brought in on the day of the event that aren't affiliated with any particular school. This year's event was last week and when I went to drop off my donations there was hardly anything in the Community space on the floor of the Dome. It was a bit depressing, so I want to be prepared to haul in an abundance of stuff to fill that sucker next year. I'm on the new volunteer committee at work now too so I'm hoping to also get the office on board for donating to the 2017 event.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to laying out December's budget and making my final payment of the month to my debt snowball when my last November paycheck comes in on the 30th.

Starting Debt: $50,000
Current Debt: $48,355

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