Monday, December 26, 2016

Setting The Bar High

As the end of the year nears and I get ready for 2017, I need to set some goals for myself. I've got a couple financial goals as well as a couple that aren't financial.

My main financial goal for 2017 is to knock out $25k of my debt. It seems kind of optimistic, but at the rate I have been going each month I think I might be able to do it if I put in a little bit more intensity towards the budget each month. If I can do it, over half of my remaining debt will be gone.

The other financial goal I have is to cash flow a trip to Taiwan I am taking in mid-February. I know taking vacations isn't great for trying to get out of debt, but the trip was already in the works before I started my Total Money Makeover. I paid for the plane ticket with cash and I already have a place to stay for free when I am there. So all I have to do is save a little bit for souvenirs and food for the trip which should be super simple.

As far as non-financial goals, two that I have really relate to each other. I want to really work towards improving my health and sticking to it. I know it's the cliche New Year's resolution, but I'm completely serious about it. I started following a fitness and eating plan at the end of 2015 and in to 2016 that was actually working and for some reason that I can't understand I stopped doing it. Low and behold all the progress I made is completely gone. So I am going to get back on the plan as well as training for a 5k this summer so that I can beat my time from this past summer. Working on my running and following the other health plan should really help me crush my fitness goals.

Finally, I want to pass at least three out of five of my Architecture Registration Exams. I'm not sure how much studying I actually need to do for these since I haven't taken one yet, so I could possibly complete more than three in the span of a year. I plan to get back in to studying for the first one this week since I kind of fell off because of the holidays.

I have set some lofty goals for myself for 2017, but I also think they are achievable if I really get Gazelle Intense in all aspects of my life this year.

Starting Debt: $50,000
Current Debt: $46,368

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Got Me A "Dave Job"

It's been a little while since I posted to this blog. That's mainly because I've been busy/ exhausted this past week since I have picked up a second job. Today is my only day off for the week and is going to be the case for quite a while...

I had a early morning job in college that I went to before classes, so I decided that I would pick that job back up on top of the full-time job I already have. Being a "re-hire" means I get to go straight back to what step I was on on the raise payscale. Woot! It's been a little rough adjusting to going to a 5am job and then rushing to my other job at 8, but I've been managing. This new job means I get paid at least SIX TIMES a month (my full-time job pays every-other Wednesday and the new part-time job pays every Friday). This upcoming Friday's paycheck will be the first one from the part-time job, but I won't be able to gauge how much I will be getting weekly from that yet since that check wasn't a full week worth of working. I estimated it will be possibly an extra $600 a month, but hopefully even more than that.

It's been a week and a half since I've been able to put money towards my debt and I'm itching to throw more at it. This week is two paydays so I'm going to do my weekly budget review today and see how much I should be able to put at debt when those paychecks come in.

Starting Debt: $50,000
Current Debt: $47,288